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About Afrika2You

Its an initiative to collect artefacts and works done by the locals in africa, and help the artist generate an income from his/her work. Most african countries have a huge number of youths between ages 0 and 30. We hope to make better the lives of ordinary young africans through selling their merch on our store.
Giving you the vibrance of a truly African marketplace filled with a warm energy and rhythm. We offer an assortment of artifacts, beading, wiring, sculptures, gifting options and paintings representative of our African heritage.
These contemporary craft items reflect the diversity of cultures and traditions across Africa and are known to be the best hand-made products. From hand-painted ostrich eggs to quality sculptures carved from wood and other materials, African artifacts sold at this market are unique. Diverse in terms of design, these relics are ideal as gifts for friends and loved ones. They are also highly popular among those immersed within the interior design market.
From clay sculptures, to various other trinkets, African artefacts found at this market reflect the vibrancy and warmth of the African continent. From grass mats crafted in various villages across South Africa, to wood-carvings in spectacular designs, African artifacts are simply breath-taking and often awe-inspiring.